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Video Webinar: Moving to the Netherlands

Why watch this webinar?

Do you want to move to the Netherlands and start a business? And do you want to find out how to go about it? Watch the webinar video 'Immigration: moving to the Netherlands as an entrepreneur' with Gülten Çankaya (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) and Willem Drost (StartupDelta).

Topics that will be discussed

  • How to emigrate to the Netherlands: permits and visa
  • Start up your business
  • The benefits of using a facilitator
  • Your start-up visa
This webinar video is part of the webinar 'Starting a business in the Netherlands'. You can watch the entire webinar here, or watch the other parts separately:

Any further questions?

Please contact the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service

+31 (0)88 043 0430

Who are participating?

Nadia-Jane Bristoll

Nadia-Jane Bristoll

Host and presenter

Gülten Çankaya

Gülten Çankaya

Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service

Willem Drost

Willem Drost


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