Video Webinar: Taxes for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands

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Why watch this webinar?

Running a business in the Netherlands includes paying taxes. Watch this video to get your facts straight on topics like:

  • How are wages and salaries taxed in the Netherlands?
  • What is the 30% ruling?
  • When am I entitled to a reduction of income tax?
  • What are the VAT rates in the Netherlands?
In this part of the webinar "Taxes for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands", Dutch Tax and Customs Administration consultant Ian van Haaren tells us about the types of Dutch taxes. Ian explains what the conditions are to be considered an entrepreneur for income or corporate tax in the Netherlands, the Value Added Tax (VAT or btw) system, the different tax rates, allowances and deductions. Avishai Trabelsi (Israeli entrepreneur) shares his experience with Dutch taxes. He also explains how the 30% ruling for highly skilled workers in the Netherlands makes it even more interesting to start a business in the Netherlands.

Topics that will be discussed

  • Dutch taxes for businesses
  • Tax allowances and deductions
  • VAT system and rates
  • Tax benefits for entrepreneurs

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This webinar video is part of the webinar 'Starting a business in the Netherlands'. You can watch the entire video, or watch the separate parts:
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Who are participating?

Ian van Haaren

Ian van Haaren

Dutch Tax and Customs Administration

Avishai Trabelsi

Avishai Trabelsi

Owner at Quicargo

Nadia-Jane Bristoll

Nadia-Jane Bristoll

Host and presenter

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