Video Webinar: Registration and starting up a business

Why watch this webinar?

Registration of your business is an important step in starting a business in the Netherlands. Watch this video to find an answer to questions like:

  • What do I need to start a business in the Netherlands?
  • What are the legal structures in the Netherlands?
  • How do I register my business at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce?
  • How can I minimize the risks?

In this webinar we talk with Johan Laffra (KVK) and Avishai Trabelsi (Quicargo). Johan talks about registration, the company name and registration number, and explains the different legal forms. Entrepreneur Avishai shares his experience with starting a business; from business ideas to coming up with a good business name and legal structure. He also gives some valuable tips for you as a future entrepreneur. As soon as you have registered your own business, you are ready to start.

Topics that will be discussed

  • How to realise your business idea
  • Coming up with a good business name
  • Choosing your legal structure of business
  • Tips for entrepreneurs

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Who are participating?

Johan Laffra

Johan Laffra

Netherlands Chamber of Commerce

Nadia-Jane Bristoll

Nadia-Jane Bristoll

Host and presenter

Avishai Trabelsi

Avishai Trabelsi

Owner at Quicargo

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