Difference between professional partnership and general partnership will cease to exist

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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Effective date: not yet known

What changes?

Do you want to start a company together with colleagues? There will be new rules for partnerships.

Right now there are 3 types of partnerships:

  1. professional partnership (maatschap)
  2. general partnership (vennootschap onder firma, VOF)
  3. limited partnership (commanditaire vennootschap, CV)

There will only be 2 types of legal entities:

  1. partnership
  2. limited partnership (commanditaire vennootschap, CV)

The names professional partnership (maatschap) and general partnership (vennootschap onder firma, VOF) will remain, but there will be no more (legal) differences will between the two. The rules for such a partnership will be:

  • Partners are jointly and severally liable (each for the whole) for the entire debt.
  • Partners may pledge entitlement to profit.
  • Liability in the event of an assignment may be limited to the partner to whom the assignment was specifically entrusted.
  • The partnership may be granted legal personality.

For whom?

  • Entrepreneurs who want to enter into 1 company with other entrepreneurs
  • Partners in a professional partnership
  • Partners in a limited partnership


It is not yet known when the modernising of partnerships Act will come into force.

Please note: The effective date of this measure is not yet final. Entry into force is subject to its passing through the upper and lower houses of parliament or proclamation of the Order in Council (Algemene Maatregel van Bestuur, AMvB) or ministerial decree and publication in an official State publication (Staatsblad or the Staatscourant, in Dutch).

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