Only imports of deforestation-free products allowed in EU (EUDR)

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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Effective date: 30 December 2024

What changes?

Do you import goods from outside the EU? You may have to prove that these products are deforestation-free.

As a result of he European Regulation on Deforestation-free Products (EUDR) you can only market products that do not originate from recently deforested land or that have contributed to the degradation of forests. The products must also be produced legally. You are not allowed to bring products to the EU market or export products that come from areas that have been deforested after 30 December 2020. This applies to both large and smaller companies, including sole proprietorships.

The EUDR applies to the following 7 commodities:

  • cattle
  • palm oil
  • soya
  • cocoa
  • coffee
  • rubber
  • wood

The EUDR also applies to derived products such as for example leather, chocolate, rubber tyres, and furniture. You can find the list of relevant commodities and products and their CN codes in Annex I of the EUDR Regulation.

Companies that trade in these commodities or derived products must prove that their products are deforestation-free.

For whom?

  • importers
  • traders


  • The EUDR rules take effect on 30 December 2024 for large businesses. This also applies to SMEs and micro enterprises that already trade in timber.
  • For SMEs and micro enterprises, the rules will enter into effect on 30 June 2025.