Changes in law and regulations 3rd quarter 2023

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

As an entrepreneur, you are faced with new and modified rules and laws. This page offers an overview of changes relevant to businesses during the 3rd quarter of 2023.

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In light of the current workload and staffing shortages, the current three-hour rule and the familiar face criterion will be relaxed.

Ending a business

If you have problematic debts and you have shown enough effort in reducing your debts, you can get access to debt restructuring sooner.


If healthcare professionals share medical data with other healthcare providers, they can no longer do so via paper, fax, or portable media. They must share the information electronically.

Professional services

The European Digital Services Act (DSA) sets new rules and obligations for very large digital service providers, such as online platforms and search engines.

Retail and wholesale

If you sell food and drinks for consumption on the go or for takeout, you must charge your customers a fee for disposable plastic cups and containers.

Textile manufactures and importers will be co-responsible for managing waste of the products they market.

Tobacco products and related goods, such as electronic cigarettes and herbal products for smoking, can no longer be sold via online channels.


Do you employ state pensioners? From 1 July you will only have to continue to pay their wages for 6 weeks in case of illness.


From 21 August all newly registered trucks must be fitted with a smart tachograph type 2 (SMT2).

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