Residence permit for foreign investors

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Immigration and Naturalisation Service, IND
Immigration and Naturalisation Service, IND
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Are you a foreign investor? And are you considering residing in the Netherlands, and making a contribution to the Dutch economy? To apply for a Dutch residence permit for foreign investors, you need to invest at least €1.25 million. Find out what conditions apply when investing in the Netherlands.

Dutch residence permit for foreign investors

If you wish to live and invest in the Netherlands, you need a valid residence permit.

Application conditions

The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) assesses your residence permit application. There are several conditions. General conditions include:

  • you have a valid passport or another travel document;
  • you are not a risk to public order or national security;
  • you are willing to undergo a tuberculosis test upon arrival in the Netherlands. Certain nationalities are exempt from this obligation.

Specific conditions for foreign investors

In addition to the general conditions, the following specific conditions for foreign investors apply:

  • You invest a minimum amount of €1,250,000 in:
    • a company that is based in the Netherlands, or;
    • in a fund that, according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, fits within the SEED scheme, a venture capital company, or a contractual joint venture that invests in a company in the Netherlands;
    • please note that investing in real estate for private occupation is excluded.
  • You deposit the amount to be invested into a bank account of a Dutch bank or a bank of an EU Member State with a branch in the Netherlands. This branch is supervised by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). Banks subject to supervision make use of the single European licence.
  • Your investment has an added value for the Dutch economy. This will be assessed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). The Netherlands Enterprise Agency uses a points system. The added value is there if the investment meets 2 of the following 3 criteria:
    1. Within 5 years, at least 10 jobs will be created.
    2. A contribution is made to increasing the innovativeness of the Dutch company. This may be proven through, among other things, the introduction of a patent, investing in both technological and non-technological innovation, or investing in a company that belongs to a top sector.
    3. There is another, non-financial added value, such as specific knowledge, networks, clients and active involvement of the investor.
  • The capital which is invested has not been gained through illegitimate means. The IND can ask for information about this from the Netherlands Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU-Netherlands). You give permission to investigate the origin of your capital abroad.
  • You have not given incorrect information or withheld relevant information in a previous application for a residence permit.
  • You have not previously been in the Netherlands illegally.

More information

Read a full list of all conditions and supplemental information. To find out more, and to apply for the foreign investor residence permit, visit the IND website.

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