Applying for a licence to use television images

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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Does your company in the Netherlands show television or film images to employees or visitors? You require a licence. Producers of footage own the copyright on their television programmes, videos, and films. They exercise their copyright through collective management organisations such as Videma or FilmService.

Licence to show television

Do you show television broadcasts to employees or visitors? You need to apply for a licence to Videma (in Dutch). The Videma licence gives you permission to show (live) footage from:

  • Dutch public and commercial broadcasting organisations
  • foreign production companies affiliated with Videma (in Dutch)

You must pay a fee, the amount depends on how many hours of footage you show and the average number of people watching. For a number of sectors there are custom-made schemes, for example for cafés and shops (in Dutch).

Please note: the Videma licence does not give permission to show footage from commercial pay-TV channels.

Licence to show films

Do you show films from a digital streaming or download service, or from physical media such as DVD or Blu-ray discs to employees or visitors? You require a licence from FilmService (in Dutch). You can choose between a standard licence or a plus licence (in Dutch). The plus licence allows you to publicly announce your show.

Some types of Videma licences may also grant you permission to show films as part of an agreement with FilmService.