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Checked 12 Apr 2022
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Do you use published information (in print or online) in your company? For instance, hard or electronic copies of copyrighted works such as pictures or texts from:

  • magazines, specialist or trade journals
  • newspapers
  • websites
  • books

You must pay a fee for reproduction rights.

When do you pay a fee for reproduction rights?

You have to pay a fee when the publications you use are protected by copyright. You also need permission from the authors. You can arrange this by paying a fee to the Dutch Reprographic Reproduction Rights Foundation (Stichting Reprorecht) under a Reproduction Rights Arrangement (Regeling Reprorecht Bedrijfsleven). They subsequently pay the authors of these publications. This fee covers all the materials you share and/or reproduce by:

  • printing
  • scanning
  • emailing
  • saving
  • publishing on intranet

You can do this within limits: not too often and not too much. Also, you can only share paper and digital copies within your company. Read more on the conditions of the Arrangement (in Dutch).

How much do you pay?

The annual reproduction rights fee is based on:

  • the number of people you employ;
  • the intensity of reproduction activities in the industry your company is active in.

You pay a fixed annual fee (in Dutch). You will receive an invoice automatically.

Self-employed professionals or freelancers

If you do not employ any staff or you employ less than 3 full time employees, you will not receive an invoice automatically. Do you use copyrighted materials? Then you can agree on an arrangement with the Reprographic Reproduction Rights Foundation (in Dutch).

Making changes or complaints

If no one in your organisation makes photocopies, scans, or digital copies, you will not have to pay a fee. You can arrange for this by logging in (in Dutch) with your account number and access code (password). Did you receive an invoice, but did you not use copyrighted materials? Small companies (no more than 20 full time employees) can change this in their registration by logging in. Larger companies can apply for an arrangement, also by logging in. You can also register any relevant changes if you log in. Please contact the Foundation for more information (in Dutch).

If you object to the fixed fee and want to file a complaint, please contact the Foundation (in Dutch).

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