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Applying for a market trader's licence

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In the Netherlands, if you want to trade from a stall or a van, on or along a public road, you need a market trader’s licence. Read more.

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Do you want to trade from a stall or a van, on or along a (public)? You need a market trader's licence (standplaatsvergunning). You apply for a market trader’s licence to the municipality where you want to set up your stall.

Which market trader’s licence do you need?

Each municipality can issue different types of market trader’s licences. In most case this concerns:

  • Permanent market trader’s licence: you sell goods or food regularly from a stall or sales van. For instance flowers, coffee, or snacks.
  • Seasonal market trader’s licence: you sell goods or food in a specific season (usually during a few weeks), for example ice-cream or Christmas trees
  • Incidental market trader’s licence: you sell or give away goods or food occasionally (for example 3 days in a row). For instance sample products or promotional material for a political party

Conditions for a market trader’s licence

Each municipality may set different conditions for market trader’s licence. Usually these conditions concern:

  • you may not cause any nuisance
  • you may not cause traffic to become unsafe
  • your stall or van should look a certain way

You can find the different conditions which apply to you with your local municipal authority.

Costs for a market trader’s licence

When you apply for a market trader’s license in most municipalities you have to pay municipal administrative charges (leges). The amount depends on:

  • the municipality
  • the type of marketplace (permanent, incidental, or seasonal)
  • the location within the municipality, certain areas might have higher rates such as busy shopping streets

Some municipalities may charge precario tax (precariobelasting) for the use of public land. Some municipal authorities include this tax in their market trader’s licence costs. Consult your municipal authority for the costs to obtain a market trader’s licence.

How long does it take?

It depends on the municipality how long it takes before you receive the market trader’s licence. It may also vary depending on the type of licence. Usually, it takes a few weeks. If you do not send in the right documents, or not all documents, the application process may take longer.

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