Applying for a market trader's licence

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Are you planning to trade from a stall or a van, on or along a (public) road or public space? If you run a foodstall, flower stand or the like, you need a market trader's licence (standplaatsvergunning).

You can obtain this licence from the municipal authorities. Each municipality may have different rules regarding:

  • Permanent marketplaces
  • Temporary marketplaces
  • Seasonal marketplaces (ice-cream, fruit or Christmas tree stalls)

Do you want to sell products from a stall without a fixed place? In some municipalities you need a street trader’s licence (ventvergunning).

Costs for a market trader’s licence

When you apply for a market trader’s license in most municipalities you have to pay municipal administrative charges (leges). The amount depends on:

  • the municipality
  • the type of marketplace (permanent, temporary or seasonal)
  • the location within the municipality, certain areas might have higher rates

Consult your municipal authority for the costs to obtain a market trader’s licence.

Municipal tax on encroachments on or above public land (precario)

If your stall or van is located on public land the municipal authority may charge an additional tax (precariobelasting) for this. Some municipal authorities include this tax in their market trader’s licence costs.

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