Animal gatherings and exhibitions

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Do you want to gather animals from various holdings? Forf instance temporarily to an assembly centre, for exhibition purposes at fairs, markets, or exhibitions? You must keep to the regulations on animal welfare and the prevention of contagious diseases apply.

Reporting events and exhibitions

You must report animal exhibitions, events, markets, or fairs with live animals (in Dutch) in advance to the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (Nederlandse Voedsel en Warenautoriteit, NVWA). This applies to events with:

You should use the Dutch-language form Kennisgeving Tentoonstellingen/Evenementen (Notification Exhibitions/Events).

Markets for gallinaceous birds, waterfowl, ratites (flightless birds), and homing pigeons are not allowed. Trading in these animals during exhibitions or (breed) inspections is not allowed either.

Do you organise racing flights with homing pigeons? You have to send an annual review to the NVWA (in Dutch).

Veterinary inspection

Owners must have their animals inspected by a veterinarian. The veterinarian must issue a health certificate (model, in Dutch). Some animals can be inspected during the exhibition. Sheep and goat are only allowed at exhibitions or inspections if they have been vaccinated against Q fever.

Animal care

Organisers are responsible for proper housing and care. Animals need among others:

  • sufficient room to move
  • adequate food and drink
  • protection from weather conditions
  • protection against disease

Keeping records

The organiser must keep records so that upon inspection it is clear which animals were present and where they went afterwards. The records must include for instance the health certificates and licence plates of the transport vehicles.

Cleaning and disinfecting

The exhibition area must provide installations for the disinfecting and cleaning of the animals’ transport vehicles. If people enter the animal enclosures, they must have the opportunity and means to disinfect their shoes.

Assembly centre

In an assembly centre (in Dutch) animals are gathered before they are taken to their destination. Often the destination is another company, abattoir (slaughterhouse), or another EU country. Several rules apply:

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