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Design and construction requirements catering establishments

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The Establishments Layout Requirements (Licensing and Catering Act) Decree (Besluit eisen inrichtingen Drank- en Horecawet) contains the layout requirements for catering establishments in the Netherlands. They only apply if your business requires a licence under the Licencing and Catering Act (Drank- en horecavergunning). In that case it is essential that your catering establishment has:

  • 2 completely separate and lockable toilets with handwashing facilities in close proximity
  • a mechanical ventilation system which is connected directly to the open air outside the building
  • a fully functioning electricity supply, proper drinking water facilities and telephone

Improving accessibility

There are no specific requirements with regard to improved accessibility for disabled visitors. However, the Royal Dutch Hotel and Catering AssociationExternal link (KHN) can provide you with advice on how to optimize your establishment's accessibility.

This article is related to:

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency