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It is forbidden to take off or land an aircraft (for instance a helicopter or a glider) outside an airport. Do you want to land on or take off outside an airfield? You will need a dispensation for temporary and exceptional use (ontheffing tijdelijk en uitzonderlijk gebruik, TUG).

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at your municipality, province, or water authority

Applying for dispensation for temporary and exceptional use (TUG)

You can request dispensation for the following aircrafts:

  • helicopters
  • gliders
  • micro light aeroplanes (MLA)
  • unmanned aircrafts (drones) from 25kg to 150kg
  • seaplanes
  • aircrafts used for agriculture
  • airships
  • airplanes used for air shows

You do not need dispensation for model airplanes.

It depends on the municipality where take-off or landing is planned for which type(s) of aircraft you need TUG dispensation.

Certificate of no objection

Do you want to take off or land an unmotorised aircraft such as a hot air balloon? Or do you want to land using a parachute? You need a certificate of no objection from the municipality. The municipality may have assigned a specific place for such taking off or landing. They may also request notification.

In some municipalities you also need a certificate of no objection for motorised aircraft, instead of a dispensation.

Costs for dispensation of certificate of no objection

You will have to pay a fee (administrative charges, leges) to obtain a TUG dispensation or certificate of no objection. The amount of these administrative charges depends on the municipality.

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