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Applying for an event licence

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Do you want to organise an event at a public location? For example on the street, in a park, or in a square? You may need an event licence from your local municipality. In some cases, you just need to notify the municipality of your event.

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at your municipality, province, or water authority

Examples of events are:

You may need additional licences, for example a licence to serve alcohol, play music, or place stalls or children's rides, or an exemption for traffic rules and road signs.

Waterway event licence

Do you plan to organise an event along a provincial waterwa? You will need a waterway event licence (Evenementenvergunning vaarweg) from the provincial authority. The provincial authority will only grant a waterway event licence for short events. The event may not jeopardise the safety and progress of shipping traffic.

Dispensation from the prohibition of noise-exceeding bike engines

If you want bike engines to exceed the permitted noise level at an event or on a sports field, you have to apply for dispensation from the provincial authorities.

Online application procedure via Message Box

You can also submit your event licence applications online via Message Box. Message Box is a secure email system that enables entrepreneurs to exchange digital messages with Dutch government agencies.

At the province of Noord-Brabant you can also use Message Box to apply for dispensation from the prohibition of noise-exceeding bike engines.

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