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Certification and registration for asbestos removers

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

If you want to remove or inventory asbestos, you must have a valid certificate to be listed in the registerExternal link (in Dutch) for asbestos removal and surveyal. The register is administered by Ascert, Foundation for Asbestos CertificationExternal link (Stichting Ascert, in Dutch).

Corona: temporary exemption of certification procedures

As a result of the corona measures it is not always possible to comply with the procedures for certification (professional qualifications) that are necessary for certain professions. For instance occupational health inspection, following professional training courses or taking exams. Now there is a temporary exemptionExternal link until 31 August 2020. Did your certificate expire before 1 July 2020? Then you have until 1 September 2020 to renew your professional qualification or (re)register.

Certificates for working with asbestos

If you have a certificate, this demonstrates that you know how to work professionally and safely with asbestos. There are several certificates.

Process certificate for asbestos surveyal (Procescertificaat voor asbestinventarisatie)

For companies that want to survey asbestos in buildings or installations.

Process certificate for asbestos removal (Procescertificaat voor asbestverwijdering)

For companies that want to remove asbestos in buildings or installations.

Personal certificate (Persoonscertificaat) (DAV-1, DAV-2, DTA)

For persons who want to remove asbestos in buildings or installations.

How to apply for certification

You can apply for a certificate through an organisation that is appointed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour (Ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid, SZW) as a certifying body. These organisations supply the register (Asccert) with data of certified persons and companies, revoking of certificates or suspensions of certified persons or companies.

The organisations that supply process certificates at this time are:

The organisations that supply personal certificates are:

You can read more about the requirements for asbestos removers in the certification schemesExternal link (in Dutch) drawn up by Ascert.

Foreign asbestos removers

For asbestos removers from abroad the same requirements apply as for Dutch asbestos removers. Asbestos removing and surveying companies and persons must have Dutch certificates. The certifying bodies can determine whether or not a foreign certificate is equivalent to the Dutch certificate. If the certificate is found to be equivalent, they may then issue a Dutch certificate.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO