Demolition or asbestos removal

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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Do you carry out demolition activities that result in more than 10 m3 demolition waste? Or do you plan to remove asbestos? Then you must submit a demolition notification through the online service counter Omgevingsloket (in Dutch) before you begin demolition. You must inform your local authority both before and after removing asbestos.

Removing asbestos

Asbestos may have been used in buildings built before 1994. Asbestos is a carcinogen and can therefore be harmful to human health.

If you intend to demolish a building containing asbestos, you must:

  1. contract a certified asbestos abatement company (in Dutch) to inspect the building
  2. submit a demolition notice through the Omgevingsloket (in Dutch)
  3. in most cases, the certified asbestos company must remove the asbestos

Read more about removing asbestos.


Are you planning to demolish a protected monument? You need to submit a demolition notification and at the same time apply for an environmental and planning permit through the Omgevingsloket (in Dutch).

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