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Checked 19 Sept 2022
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Are you a driving instructor and do you want to provide driving lessons in the Netherlands? You must have a valid WRM competence card (Law on driving instructions for motor vehicles, Wet rijonderricht motorrijtuigen WRM, in Dutch) to do so. This card is valid for 5 years. You must take refresher courses to renew your certification.

How to apply

To get the competence card you need to take an exam with IBKI (in Dutch), the exam and certification institute for the mobility sector. The exam consists of a theoretical exam, a practical exam, and a traineeship. You are only allowed to take a traineeship if you have a recent certificate of conduct (VOG).

If you fulfil all requirements, you will receive your competence card with the base certificate. You are then allowed to give driving lessons for passenger cars (category B). You can take further exams for additional categories with which you can provide lessons for those categories.

Driving instructor from abroad

Are you a driving instructor from an EU country and do you want to work in the Netherlands? You can take the category B (the base certificate) exam if you meet the requirements:

  • you have a valid driving instructor certificate from your EU country of origin
  • you are 18 years of age or older
  • you have a valid driving licence B

Continuous training

You must take refresher courses to renew your certification (in Dutch) once every 5 years. Before your competence card expires you must:

If you have completed your refresher training, you need to send in a valid certificate of conduct (VOG). The VOG cannot be older than 6 months on the day your WRM competence card expires.

Do you meet the requirements for renewal, but did you fail the practical test for a 3rd time? You will not lose your competence card, but it will be renewed for only 6 months. During this time you need to follow an educational course (in Dutch) consisting of 6 tutoring courses and a practical assessment to get a 5 year renewal. If you fail this practical assessment you need to take the re-entrance course (in Dutch) to regain your competence card.


There are costs associated with taking an exam and to have your traineeship reviewed. The costs depend on the category and type of exam, and on the duration of the examination component. You can find all current prices on the IKBI website (in Dutch)

Complaint or objection

If you have a complaint (pdf, page 2, for English) about IKBI’s procedure or exam you can send an email to IKBI. Do you disagree with a decision taken by IKBI? You can file a notice of objection to the Objections Committee (pdf, page 2 for English).

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