Certificate of good conduct for individuals (VOGnp)

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In the Netherlands, a Certificate of good conductExternal link (Verklaring omtrent het gedrag, VOG) indicates that the recipient has not committed any criminal offences. For some jobs, like teaching, childminding or driving a taxi, a VOG is compulsory. In other cases, employers are free to decide whether they want to ask their employee for a VOG, which is sometimes referred to as a Declaration of good conduct. There is also a VOG for legal entities.

VOG application procedure

Employees, who are registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database can obtain a VOG from their local municipalityExternal link. Companies can also apply for a VOG onlineExternal link (in Dutch), using eRecognition. To do so, they will need an security level 1External link eIdentifier token. They prepare the application for their employee, who then receives an email and logs in with their own DigiD to complete it. Freelancers/self-employed professionals may authorise their client to apply for a VOG on their behalf.

If the applicant is not registered in the Municipal Personal Records DatabaseExternal link, they can submit the application form to the Central Agency for Certificates of Good Conduct (COVOG) (see link for address) of the judiciary service Justis (Ministry of Justice and Security).

VOG denial

A request for a VOG may be denied if the applicant has received a relevant criminal conviction in a specific time frame prior to the application. This denial could either be based on police data about the applicant or based on data registered in the Dutch Judicial Documentation System (JDS). If you wish to appeal the decision see the FAQ - Applying for a VOGExternal link, Objection and review.

VOG for childcare workers

Owners, employees and office personnel working in the childcare sector must have a VOG. Persons of 18 years of age or older who share accommodation with a registered childminder, must also apply for a VOGExternal link (in Dutch). Trainees, temporary employees, volunteers and parents working in your establishment must request a new VOG every 2 years. If a trainee or temporary employee changes trainee posts or working locations, the existing VOG will suffice. This does not apply to volunteers; they must request a new one.

There are two screening profiles available for persons active in the childcare sector: Screening profile 84 (caring for minors) or 86 (working in the childcare sector).As of 1 July 2018, it will no longer be possible to register in the register for persons active in the childcare sector with profile 60 (education), profile 40 (holiday families and adoption) and profile 45 (health and welfare of people and animals). Anyone who registered before this date with profiles 60, 40 or 45 does not need to apply for a new VOG.

Application forms VOG childcare

There are 3 application forms for VOGs for childcareExternal link:

A copy of the VOG must be retained in your (personnel) files and the member of staff must register in the register for persons active in the childcare sector. These certificates and registration records must be presented during GGD inspections.

Continuous screening

Childcare workers are screened for criminal offences on a continuous basis. The supervisory body will notify you in the event of a criminal offence. Your employee will then have to apply for a new VOG. Failure to obtain this new certificate is grounds for dismissal. Continuous screening also applies to trainees, temporary personnel, volunteers and parents working in your establishment.

Online application procedure via Message Box

If you require a VOG for a procedure that is subject to the Services Act, you can also request this document online via Message Box. Message Box is a secure email system that enables you to exchange messages with Dutch government agencies.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO