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Radiation physicians

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If you want to work as a radiation physician in the Netherlands, you must have certain diplomas to your name. You must also remain up-to-date with professional knowledge by following continuing education courses and supplementary medical studies. In addition, you must register:

Foreign diploma

If you have an international qualification as a radiation physician and want to work in the Netherlands, you will have to be registered in the aforementioned registers as well. Radiation physician is a regulated profession in the Netherlands. Your education and experience must be sufficiently comparable to the requirements imposed on the profession in the Netherlands. Moreover, you must be fluent in Dutch.

If you come from the EU, you may apply for recognition of your diploma and qualifications to CIBG. If you have worked and obtained your diploma outside of the EU, CIBG must first assess your medical diplomas. For more information, consult the CIBG websiteExternal link.

This article is related to:

This information is provided by

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