Registration telecom and mail delivery companies

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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Mail delivery and telecom companies must register with the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (Autoriteit Consument en Markt, ACM). ACM includes their registration in a public register which contains all companies active in mail or telecommunication services in the Netherlands.

Mail delivery rules

Mail delivery companies must respect the right to secrecy of correspondence. This means that they must handle mail from sender to receiver safely as well as have a proper complaints procedure.

Notification of changes

If anything changes after registration, you must report it to ACM immediately. If you are closing down your business or transferring your activities, you must notify ACM as well.

Annual fee

To register free of charge, please submit your request to ACM. Some companies do pay an annual fee to ACM, but this depends on the company’s sales, among other things.

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