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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

If you intend to use the title 'architect' in the Netherlands you must register with the Architects' Registration Bureau (Bureau Architectenregister). You need a recognised diploma and professional experience to register. This registration is in accordance with the Architects' Title Act (Wet op de architectentitel).

Architects' titles

Architect is a protected title and you must be registered in the Architects’ Register to use this title. This applies to anyone wishing to use the title of:

  • architect
  • garden or landscape architect
  • interior architect
  • urban designer

This also applies to the use of abbreviations of and compound words with this title. Yacht and naval designers are not required to register. If you use the title architect in another (not construction) field of work, such as for instance ICT architect, the title is not protected. In such cases you do not need to register with the Architects' Registration Bureau.

Protected title in the firm name

Do you have an architectural firm and do you wish to use a protected title in the firm’s name? At least half of the directors must be registered under this title in the Architects’ Register.

Unlawful use of the title

If you use a protected title and you are not registered in the Architects’ Register, this is unlawful use of the title. Unlawful use of the title can be reported by anyone to the Architects Registration Bureau. They may take legal action.

How to register

If you qualified in or after 2015, you can only register in the architects' register if:

There are 2 possible routes to gain work experience:

If you qualified as an architect before the end of 2014, you are eligible to register without professional experience. Employers and clients may require such a registration.

Were you registered at some point and do you want to re-register? You need to apply for re-registration.

Information obligation

If you are registered in the architects register you have an information obligation. This means you have to inform a prospective client requesting a quotation on your:

  • professional expertise
  • professional liability insurance
  • rights and obligations

Do you have experience, but no qualification?

If you do not have the relevant degree, or you want to change the title under which you registered, and you have at least 7 years experience in the field, you may eligible to register after taking an exam.

Did you qualify abroad?

If you qualified as an architect outside the Netherlands, your degree needs to be recognised first. Then the Architects' Registration Bureau will determine if you need to complete a professional traineeship. If you are a trained and qualified architect from another EU country you automatically qualify for registration. You can request an assessment of your qualifications if you are not eligible for automatic recognition.

Online registration procedure via Message Box

Using Message Box you can submit requests online to be listed in the architects' register, which is maintained by the Architect Registration Bureau. Message Box is a secure email system that enables you as an entrepreneur to exchange digital messages with Dutch government agencies.

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