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Health and safety risk inventory childcare

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If you operate a childcare centre, an out-of-school care facility, a playgroup or a childminding agency, you must conduct a safety and health risk inventory. With regard to childminding you do this for each and every location. You conduct the inventory before you submit your application for registration of your facility in the National Childcare and Playgroup Register (LRKP).

You check:

  • which risks the childcare entails
  • what precautionary measures have been taken to avoid endangering the children’s health
  • whether any further measures are required

What to do?

You record the risk inventories in writing. After the start of your childcare organisation, you will conduct the safety and health risk inventory on a yearly basis. You report any accidents and the measures taken in response to those accidents. You must describe accidents and the measures taken pursuant to those accidents.

You are also required to draw up a safety action plan and a health action plan, in which you state what measures you will take at what time and what the impact of these measures will be. You report to your employees. In addition, you have to inform the parents and childminders about the risk inventories and action plans.

Risk Monitor Childcare

Childcare organisations and playgroups can use the Risk Monitor ChildcareExternal link (Risicomonitor Kinderopvang) tool (in Dutch), which enables them to conduct risk inventories and draft action plans online. The Risk Monitor also includes an accident and incident registration module.

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