Selling from a shop

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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You have several obligations towards your customers when selling goods or services from a shop, exhibition stand, market stall, or van.

Providing information

You must inform your customers (in Dutch) about both the product they intend to buy and the purchase agreement they are about to accept. You must do this before you conclude the agreement. Any item your customer buys from you must be of satisfactory quality. You may give them a guarantee and you must inform them about its details.

No cancellation period

There is no cancellation period for products sold in a shop. The shopkeeper supplies the product and their customer receives it after paying the agreed price. It is possible that, as a shopkeeper, you have certain terms and conditions with regard to cancelling a purchase. You can, for instance, choose to give a refund or issue a credit note.

Exchanging goods

You do not have to provide your customers with a replacement or their money back if they wish to return their purchase, but you are free to do so as a service. You can also offer a credit note or voucher. If you are willing to exchange products, you must clearly state on the receipt:

  • what conditions apply to exchanging goods
  • whether a refund is available
  • when the exchange period expires