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Purchase agreement

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Do you sell products or provide services in the Netherlands? Then you conclude a purchase agreement with the buyer or consumer. You must follow the rules for agreements from Books 6 and 7 of the Dutch Civil Code (Burgerlijk Wetboek). You can conclude the agreement in writing or verbally.

General rules

General rules regarding the conclusion, compliance and annulment of a contract apply to purchase agreements. In addition to these basic rules, there are for example rules in relation to:

Terminating a purchase agreement

Do you sell products to customers who buy the product or service for private use? This is called consumer purchase. Consumers can terminate a purchase agreement (in Dutch). For instance, in case the product is faulty or if you fail to solve a problem (correctly). These rules are for the protection of consumers.

Business-to-business (B2B)

These rules have been created especially for the protection of consumers. Do you purchase goods or services from other businesses (B2B)? The general rules regarding (purchase) agreements from Book 6 (law of obligations, in Dutch) and Book 7 (particular agreements, in Dutch) of the Dutch Civil Code apply.

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