Flat glass recycling fee

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Are you a manufacturer and/or importer of insulating glass (flat glass) in the Netherlands? Then you must pay a fee for the recycling of flat glass.

What is flat glass?

Flat glass is a collective term for types of glass used for homes, offices, and other commercial premises. For example, windows, doors, and frames.

Paying a recycling fee

All manufacturers and importers of insulating glass must pay a recycling fee to the Vlakglas Recycling Nederland foundation (Stichting Vlakglas Recycling Nederland, VRN). The recycling fee is €0.30 per square metre of insulating glass. You must submit a quarterly report to the VRN via the Onafhankelijke Administratie Vlakglas (OAV, in Dutch). If you import occasionally or very small quantities, you can file an annual report.

If you import flat glass and your supplier charges you the recycling fee, you do not have to pay the recycling fee to VRN yourself. If you are not sure if you have to pay the fee or not, you can check the VRN’s flowchart (in Dutch).

Refund of recycling fee for export

Do you export insulating glass to other countries? Then you can reclaim the recycling fee through the OAV. You have to prove that you paid the fee and that you actually exported the insulating glass. For example, by providing a copy of a waybill.

Disposal or collection of flat glass waste

You dispose of your flat glass waste at a VRN collection point. Is there no collection point near you? Then you can request a container. You can then have the container collected or exchanged.

You can submit an application to VRN to join the flat glass recycling scheme.