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If you run a taxi company in the Netherlands, you require a taxi entrepreneur card (ondernemerskaart). You need this card to access the data of a taxi’s on-board computer. This allows you to view the journey administration and the working and resting times. You can link this data to your business. You must be able to show this data when your business is inspected. You also use the data when you file your corporate income tax return.

How to apply?

You apply for the taxi entrepreneur card to Kiwa Register (in Dutch). You must be registered in the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce's Business Register (Handelsregister) and have a business permit to operate a taxi service to apply for the card. You need only 1 taxi entrepreneur card for your company, regardless of the number of taxis.

The card is valid for 5 years, but it cannot be renewed. You must reapply for a new taxi entrepreneur card. You can reapply at any point in time.

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