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Taxi driver’s card and diploma

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Do you want to work as a taxi driver in the Netherlands? You must have a taxi driver’s card (chauffeurskaart or taxipas) and a taxi driver’s diploma.

Taxi driver's diploma

In the Netherlands, taxi drivers need a taxi driver's diploma from the Central Office for Motor Vehicle Driver Testing (Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen, CBR, in Dutch). There are 3 different taxi driver's diploma's, each with a different types of testing (in Dutch). The type of test you take depends on which specific taxi driver's card you want to apply for:

You apply to the CBR (in Dutch) for the examination. You need a valid B driver license. CBR offers taxi driver's exams in Dutch only.

Taxi driver’s card

You can obtain or extend your full or limited taxi driver’s card with Kiwa Register (in Dutch). To apply for the card, you will need a taxi driver's diploma and a certificate of conduct (Verklaring omtrent het gedrag, VOG). The card is valid for 5 years.

The taxi driver’s card is used for your identification. It also registers journey data, working hours, driving times and rest times in the mandatory taxi on-board computer (Boordcomputer taxi, BCT). Your card must be displayed in a manner clearly visible to passengers.

Inspection of your taxi driver’s card

You always need to carry your taxi driver’s card and taxi operator licence when transporting paying customers. You may be fined if you cannot show either when subjected to a traffic check.

Continuous screening

Your behaviour as a taxi driver is continuously screened. To learn which behaviour is appropriate, you can take a course in social skills for taxi drivers (in Dutch). If you commit a criminal offence, such as an assault or driving under the influence of alcohol, your driver's card will be withdrawn.

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