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Taxi operator licence

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Do you want to start a taxi business in the Netherlands? You will need a taxi operator licence (ondernemersvergunning).

Taxi operator licence

You apply for a taxi operator license with Kiwa Register (in Dutch). To apply you need a Certificate of conduct (Verklaring omtrent het gedrag, VOG) and you need to be registered in the Dutch Business Register (Handelsregister).

A taxi operator licence is valid indefinitely. However, your licence is reviewed every 5 years. Kiwa reminds you of your upcoming periodical review 3 months in advance (in Dutch). You need to report any changes to your business to Kiwa Register (in Dutch).

Request a copy

Did you lose or damage your licence? You can request a copy of your taxi operator licence with Kiwa Register (in Dutch).

Passenger Transport Number (P-number)

In addition to your taxi operator licence you will receive a Passenger Transport Number (P-number). This P-number must be clearly visible on your taxi information card and on your fare mileage records. Your P-number is personal and cannot be used by anyone else.

Continuous screening

Taxi business owners are continuously screened. If they commit a criminal offense, such as fraud or blackmail, their operator licence may be withdrawn.

Additional municipal quality requirements

Municipal authorities can impose additional rules on the quality of taxi services:

  • They may require taxi drivers to serve the local market as a group. This involves an unambiguous complaints procedure and recognisable taxis. Drivers who are not affiliated with that group are not allowed to work in that particular area.
  • They may require taxi drivers to have a thorough knowledge of the layout of the municipality. They should also be familiar with local public transportation options.
  • They may ensure that taxi drivers cannot refuse short trips by imposing fines.
  • They may require you to have a permit to use bus lanes to make use of them.

Consult your municipal authority for information on additional rules for taxi services.

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