Storing, transporting, and working with explosives

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Do you work with explosives? You must keep to strict rules. The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) checks whether companies and citizens follow the rules with regard to working with explosives for civil use.

Applying for recognition

You are only allowed to produce, transport, store, use, and trade in explosives if you are a recognised body. Explosives are explosive substances and objects such as gunpowder.

To become a recognised body you need:

  • accreditation for your business. You can apply for this at the police station in the region where your business is located.
  • accreditation for every employee who works with explosives. You can apply for this at the police station in the region where your employee resides.

Storing explosives

Do you store explosives? You must comply with the rules:

  • the Environment Act (Omgevingswet)
  • the Living Environment Activities Decree (Besluit activiteiten leefomgeving, Bal)
  • the Environmental Quality Decree (Besluit kwaliteit leefomgeving, Bkl)
  • the Decree on construction works in the living environment (Besluit bouwwerken leefomgeving, Bbl)

You may also need an environmental permit for the storage of explosives.

Check if you need an environment and planning permit and apply

Go to the online service counter Omgevingsloket (in Dutch) to check if you need an environment and planning permit (omgevingsvergunning). In the Omgevingsloket you can see which rules apply in your municipality, province, or regional water authority. You can then use the Omgevingsloket to apply online for an environment and planning permit or submit a notification.

Keeping an explosives register

You must record everything you do with explosives in a register, according to the Explosives for Civil Uses Act (Wet explosieven civiel gebruik, Wecg, in Dutch) . The register lists the explosives you receive, use, or supply to other companies. Explosives have a unique identification code, which must be entered into the register. You are not allowed to trade in explosives that do not have an identification code. You must keep the register for at least 10 years.

Registration with VOMES

Persons working with explosives need to register with VOMES (in Dutch). For example, you are a blasting expert or an expert in detecting explosive remnants of war. After registration, you will be listed in the Safe Working with Explosive Substances Register (Register Veilig Werken met Explosieve Stoffen). See which professions have to register (in Dutch). Do you want to work with explosives temporarily or permanently in the Netherlands and have you obtained your professional qualifications abroad? Then you must report to VOMES before starting your work.

Mandatory health and safety certificate

If you work with explosives you need a health and safety certificate (arbocertificaat). A certified company inspects your company to ensure your employees, processes, and services meet all requirements.

Transport of explosives

If you want to transport explosives, the driver must have an ADR certificate. You also require a transfer licence:

  • Do you transport explosives for civil use inside the Netherlands? You must apply for a transfer licence from the municipal executive of the destination municipality.
  • Do you transport explosives for civil use within the European Union? You need permission from the Member State from which you export the explosives, but also from the Member States you will use for transit and final delivery.
  • Do you transport explosives for civil use into the Netherlands from another EU Member State? You must apply for permission (in Dutch) from the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport, ILT).
  • If you transport explosives for mining purposes, the recipient needs to apply for a permit from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (EZK).

Digital application with Message Box

With Message Box you can apply for the accreditation and transfer licence digitally to various organisations. Message Box is a secure email system which allows you, the entrepreneur, to exchange digital messages with Dutch government organisations.