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Noise standards in zoned industrial estates

This information is provided by:Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVONetherlands Enterprise Agency, RVONederlandse versie

If your company is established on a zoned industrial estate in the Netherlands, you must comply with noise regulations. The combined noise emissions of companies on a zoned industrial estate may not exceed a certain level. The municipal authority designates the applicable industrial estates in the zoning plan. All companies must submit an acoustic survey (in Dutch) to the municipal authority when establishing, changing or expanding its activities on a zoned industrial estate. The municipal authority is responsible for the zone’s management.

Requesting zone management for industrial noise

If you want to know the maximum noise levels for businesses in your business park, you can request the zone management system from the provincial authorities.

Online application procedure via Message Box

In the province of Noord-Brabant, you can use Message Box to request the zone management for industrial noise (zonebeheer industrielawaai) in digital form. Message Box is a secure email system that enables you as an entrepreneur to exchange digital messages with Dutch government agencies.

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