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Brabant Development Agency, BOM
Brabant Development Agency, BOM
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The Brabant Development Agency (BOM) is a public organisation that builds bridges between entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and government.

It is one of the 9 Dutch ROMs or Regional Development Agencies and has no commercial interests. Based in Tilburg, the Brabant Development Agency consists of 100 highly specialized and motivated people. BOM works together with businesses to create a robust, sustainable, and future-proof economy for the province of Brabant. We share knowledge, create networks and provide investment capital to innovative Brabant companies and sustainable energy projects. We also encourage innovative foreign companies to settle in Brabant and we assist Brabant companies to extend their reach abroad.

Focus areas in Brabant:

  • Sustainable Food Systems: BOM works with businesses that focus on the transition from animal to plant-based proteins, accelerating precision agriculture, and combatting wastage.
  • A Healthy Future: In Brabant, the focus is on future-proof advances in the world of healthcare. BOM contributes by working with businesses in the fields of personalized treatment, digital healthcare, and key technology applications such as photonics, nanotechnology, and robotics.
  • Climate-neutral Energy Solutions: BOM focuses on the fossil fuel-free generation of electricity and heat, energy conservation in buildings and production processes, and creating new technologies that help Brabant cut its CO2 emissions and accelerate energy transition.
  • Promising Key Technologies: Together with businesses, BOM focuses on digitizing the high-tech manufacturing industry and creating circular processes, smart and green mobility, and groundbreaking technological solutions.

Over the last four years BOM has worked with over 600 companies achieve an impact. Watch this 55-second animation.

How BOM can help you

Business development

Together with entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and public parties, BOM enables new revenue models. They strengthen the ecosystem with business development and programs focused on innovation, consistent growth and energy projects.


BOM focuses on start-ups and scale-ups that have ambition and potential to generate a major impact on the Brabant economy. In addition, BOM finances projects that make a positive contribution to the energy transition.

International expansion

BOM brings the strength of Brabant to the attention in other countries and assists new and established foreign companies to make optimal use of the opportunities offered by Brabant as a business location. In addition, BOM offers companies and knowledge institutions access to innovation regions in Europe and the rest of the world.

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