Applying for an EU declaration

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Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK
Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK

Do you have a business in the Netherlands and do you want to relocate your business to another EU country? Or do you plan to move your activities there? Then you may need a licence. In some cases, you must have a Dutch or foreign certificate/diploma to apply for this licence. With an EU declaration, you do not have to meet these requirements. Read more about applying for an EU declaration from KVK.

What is an EU declaration?

EU directive 2013/55/EU provides for the free movement of employees and services within EU countries. Under this directive, you are allowed to start a business and work in other EU countries. Individual member states may have their own requirements for licenses, permits, and certificates/diplomas. Many countries have different training or education requirements than the Netherlands. With an EU declaration, you do not have to meet these requirements. The EU declaration effectively serves as a substitute for a certificate/diploma.

Employees and business owners from other EU countries do not need an EU declaration in the Netherlands. They are allowed to work and run a business without a work permit.

Check the diploma requirements

Check the diploma/certificate requirements for your profession in the relevant EU country in the EU’s Regulated Professions Database. This database can be searched by profession and country.

Applying for an EU declaration

You can apply for an EU declaration by sending an email to KVK. When assessing applications for an EU declaration, KVK looks at the following:

  • the work you will be doing
  • your certificates/diplomas
  • your work experience
  • the destination country

The application costs €93.80. Applications can be made via the email address For more information, please contact the KVK's EU declarations department.

Applying for a Declaration of Experience

Are you ineligible for an EU declaration because you have an unregulated profession (vrij beroep)? Other EU countries may ask for a Declaration of Experience. You can also apply for this document by sending an email to KVK.

Local rules and regulations for businesses

You are allowed to establish a business or subsidiary in all EEA member states (all EU countries, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Iceland). The requirements for establishing a business vary from country to country. All EU countries have a Point of Single Contact website. This is an online government point of contact for business owners. On these websites, you can find information about permits and licenses and complete administrative procedures.