ATA carnet for temporary export

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO

In order to limit delays and paperwork at the border in the event of a temporary export, many countries outside the EU allow you to use an ATA carnet. An ATA carnet is an international customs document with which you can quickly file your export declaration in the Netherlands, and your import declaration in the country of destination.

Applying for an ATA carnet

In the Netherlands, you can obtain this international customs document from the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK. An ATA carnet can be used for the temporary export of, for example:

  • samples and advertising material;
  • exhibition material;
  • tools for performing maintenance, repairs and service work;
  • photographic, video and film material, musical instruments, stage and theatre props.

Example: how does an ATA carnet work?

Suppose you want to visit a trade fair in Russia to bring your machines to the attention of the market there. Russian customs want you to pay import duties. Because your machines only stay in Russia temporarily, you do not have to pay anything because you have an ATA carnet. The ATA carnet contains a number of strips that the customs authorities put stamps on for export, import, re-export and re-import. This way Russian customs can see whether your goods have left Russia.

Advantage of an ATA carnet

With an ATA carnet you do not pay any VAT, import duties or deposits. And it simplifies customs procedures because you use only one document.

What does an ATA carnet cost?

You pay administration costs for an ATA carnet. You also pay a premium that is based on the value of your goods.

Validity ATA carnet

With an ATA carnet you can import, export and transit certain goods indefinitely for 1 year. The carnet is valid in the countries (in Dutch, pdf) of the ATA convention. The condition is that you need the goods professionally, not privately.

Temporary export of goods for treatment

Once the goods have been exported, they must not undergo any changes. If you export goods temporarily outside the EU for treatment (outward processing) you will need authorisation to do so.

Return after use

After you have used the ATA carnet, you send it back to KVK. They must be able to demonstrate that you have returned the goods. After one year, your ATA carnet is no longer valid and you must send it back to KVK. If you keep the carnet in your possession, KVK will send you a written request to return the carnet. You send it by registered post to: KVK, Afdeling Carnets, PO Box 2852, 1000 CW Amsterdam.

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