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Posting workers inside the EU

This information is provided by:Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, SZWMinistry of Social Affairs and Employment, SZWNederlandse versie

The European Union (EU) knows free movement of goods and persons. If you are posting your employees from the Netherlands to a country inside the EU to do a job, you normally have to meet certain obligations. One of the obligations is your duty to notify the government in the EU country you are posting your workers to.

Choose a country

Choose a country

Notification for posted workers from the EU

The notification duty for workers from the EU extends to all EEA countries plus Switzerland. The demands and procedures differ per country. This overview shows you what you need to do per country. You must notify the government of the EU country you are posting your workers to. Often, you have to do this prior to the actual posting period. Besides the notification duty, you should get acquainted with the working conditions. Also, you should find out how to ensure social insurance coverage for your posted workers.

Who has to notify?

  • EU companies that move to another EU country temporarily with their own staff to perform a service.
  • Multinationals posting workers to one of their branch offices in one of the EEA countries or Switzerland.
  • EU employment agencies posting temp workers in an EEA country or Switzerland temporarily.
  • In some countries, self-employed professionals and business travellers also have to notify. This is stated with that country‚Äôs information.

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