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New rules for international transport and drivers

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Do you work as a driver and transport goods internationally? Or do you have an international transport business? Then you must follow the new rules in the European Mobility Package. For example, about driving and rest times for drivers, secondment, and determining the location of a vehicle with a smart tachograph. Read more about the changes.

What is the European Mobility Package?

The European Mobility Package contains rules for the international transport of goods and passengers. Some rules replace existing ones. The package also contains new rules for drivers and transport businesses. The rules come into effect on different dates.

Why is there a European Mobility Package?

With the mobility package, the European Union wants to contribute to:

  • improving the working conditions and employment terms of lorry drivers
  • creating a level playing field, with clear rules for businesses that provide cross-border services
  • more effective and efficient enforcement
  • improving road safety

What is going to change?

The rules are changing or have changed in 6 key areas.

Timeline for the European Mobility Package

The new rules for the European Mobility Package do not come into force at the same time. Check the timeline below:

Legal amendments still to be made

Some Dutch laws must still be amended to include the rules from the European Mobility Package. For example, the Transport of Goods by Road Act (Wwg), the Passenger Transport Act 2000 (Wp2000) and the Terms of Employment Posted Workers in the EU Act (WagwEU). This is expected to happen in 2022. It concerns these rules:

  • The posting of drivers.
  • Cabotage rules for combined transport (goods transported by inland waterway vessels, trains and lorries).
  • Clients who know that a carrier does not comply with the rules for international transport are also liable (chain liability).
  • If a transport manager does not meet the requirement of good repute, they must retake and pass the professional competence examinations for transport managers.

Rules in other EU countries

The rules of the European Mobility Package apply to all EU countries. However, countries are allowed to determine some rules themselves. For example, the cabotage rules for combined transport. Also, the rules that are incorporated into national laws do not come into force on the same date everywhere.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVKNetherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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