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Incentive Scheme eHealth at Home (SET)

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Are you a care provider or care support provider? And do you want to offer (more) digital care at a distance (remote care) to people at home? You may be eligible for the Incentive Scheme eHealth at Home (SET).

Who can apply?

The SET incentive scheme is meant for activities that expand and secure eHealth applications within your organisation. This also entails schooling of care professionals and informing and training clients and caregivers. It applies to digital care applications that:

  • improve quality of life for people who need care
  • help care providers offer higher quality care
  • provide municipalities and healthcare insurers with tools to provide more care at the same costs

This incentive scheme is meant for innovation clusters with at least 1 care provider and 1 purchaser. Read more on all the conditions.

SET Vision development

Do you want to develop a vision on how eHealth can contribute to your organisation's mission? You can apply for the SET Vision development eHealth arrangement. You can get a reimbursement for personnel costs and costs for advice or guidance by third parties of at most €20,000. You must fulfil the conditions (in Dutch), among others:

  • You provide care under the Social Support act (Wmo), the Long-term Care Act (Wlz) of the healthcare Insurance Act (ZVE).
  • The application contributes to the general goals of the SET scheme.
  • You provide a brief outline of your plans to develop a vision on how eHealth contributes to your organisation’s goals.


SET-up is a support programme for participants in the SET scheme. It offers practical support such as coaching, and helps in the exchange of knowledge between regional initiatives. SET-up is free of charge and is carried out by VitaValley (in Dutch).

How to apply?

You canno longer apply for the SET scheme and SET Vision development eHealth arrangement. You could apply until 31 December 2022 to RVO.

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