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At the GES summit 2019, Business.gov.nl presented itself as the hub for Dutch government information for businesses. You can watch our short impression here, as well as our 1-hour webinar Starting a business in the Netherlands.

How to get started

If you're thinking about starting a business in the Netherlands, this website is a good starting point. Watch the webinar if you want to get a quick grasp on immigration, registration, taxes and the business climate in the Netherlands. For more in-depth browsing, check these pages:

- Coming to the Netherlands as an entrepreneur

- Paying taxes in the Netherlands

- Tax matters (VAT, income tax etc., choice menu)

- General checklist for starting a business in the Netherlands

- Specific checklists for several types of business (choice menu)

- Choosing a legal structure

- Registering your business at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (choice menu)

- Financing your business (choice menu)

- Webinar on financing your business

Why watch this webinar?

Starting a business in the Netherlands is an attractive option for foreign entrepreneurs; especially for EU entrepreneurs, free movement and free trade make the move to the Netherlands an attractive and smooth one. This webinar will provide you with all the answers to questions like:

  • When do I need a visa or permit, and how can I get one?
  • What do I need to start a business in the Netherlands?
  • How do I register my business at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce?
  • What taxes do I have to pay in the Netherlands?
The webinar is aimed at entrepreneurs who want to move their business to the Netherlands, or start a business there.

Topics discussed

  • Moving to the Netherlands with a residence permit for entrepreneurs or a startup visa. Either way, you will have to prove that you serve an essential interest to the Dutch economy.
  • Starting your business, from business idea to choosing a name and legal structure and the registration of your business at the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Tips for entrepreneurs, for instance how to minimise your risks.
  • Paying taxes in the Netherlands, including the Dutch VAT system and rates, the 30% ruling for highly skilled workers, and tax benefits for entrepreneurs.
You can watch our webinar with English subtitles by clicking the 'subtitles'-button on the lower right corner of this video.

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Who are participating?

Nadia-Jane Bristoll

Nadia-Jane Bristoll

Host and presenter

Avishai Trabelsi

Avishai Trabelsi

Owner at Quicargo

Gülten Çankaya

Gülten Çankaya

Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service

Ian van Haaren

Ian van Haaren

Dutch Tax and Customs Administration

Johan Laffra

Johan Laffra

Netherlands Chamber of Commerce

Willem Drost

Willem Drost


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