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Excise duty on tobacco up in April 2023

This information is provided by:Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVONetherlands Enterprise Agency, RVONederlandse versieEffective date: 1 April 2023

What has changed?

The excise duties on cigarettes, loose tobacco, and cigars will increase in the next 2 years. This will happen in 2 phases: in April 2023 and in April 2024.

On 1 April excise duty for various types of tobacco have gone up. A packet of cigarettes (20 pieces) now costs €9 on average. Loose tobacco (like shag) now costs an average of €14 per pack. The excise duty on cigars and cigarillos go up to 10% of the sales price in 2023.

For whom?

  • tobacco sellers
  • tobacco producers


The change has entered into effect on 1 April, 2023.

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