Childminding location set-up requirements

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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A childminder (gastouder) is responsible for looking after children in a family situation. In the Netherlands, a childminder may offer childcare at their home address or at the child's own home. A childminder can offer childcare at multiple home addresses. You have to be listed with a registered childminding agency (in Dutch).

Requirements for a childminding location

Locations for childminding must satisfy different legal requirements such as:

  • There is a separate sleeping area or bedroom for children younger than 18 months.
  • There is enough playing space inside and outside.
  • The home is completely smoke-free.
  • There are enough functioning smoke alarms.

The childminding agency checks each year if the childminding location meets the requirements. The childminding agency also helps with the risk assessment & evaluation (RI&E). This should be done annually, to monitor safety and quality in childcare. The RI&E must always be up to date. If there are any changes at the childcare centre, a new RI&E must be drawn up. For example, after a renovation.

Does anyone of 18 years of age or older share the childminding premises of a registered childminder? Then they must also be registered in the register for persons active in the childcare sector (PRK).

Childcare at the child’s home

If the child is being minded at their own home, more than one childminder may be registered there. However, they must work there on separate days or times.

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