Door-to-door selling and street trade

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Do you sell outside of a salesroom or shop? For instance door-to-door? You must keep to more rules than when selling from a shop or salesroom. You must, for instance, inform your customer clearly.

What is door-to-door sales?

Door-to-door sales is any type of sales of products or services from outside an official sales area such as a shop or salesroom. This kind of sale includes:

  • door-to-door sales;
  • street sales;
  • sales demonstrations (for example during special bus trips);
  • sales parties (hosted in someone's home).

If you wish to sell over the phone or via a web shop, you must inform your customer that these type of sales are not considered to be 'sales outside of a salesroom or shop' (like door-to-door sales), but distance sales (verkoop op afstand). Each type of sales has its own specific regulations.

Rules for entering into an agreement

Do you enter into an agreement outside your shop or salesroom? You have to make sure your customer receives the relevant information about the purchase (such as total costs, product, delivery, contact details, duration of contract, cancellation, conditions for termination, etc.). You must record the sale in an agreement. A number of rules apply, including the following:

  • You may not enter into an agreement if you know or suspect that a purchaser cannot afford the costs.
  • In order to be valid, an agreement must be signed in duplicate by you and the buyer. You must provide the buyer with a signed copy of the agreement. The agreement must satisfy several requirements to be valid. For instance, you must state the option for dissolving the agreement.
  • The buyer has a cancellation period of 14 calendar days after the agreement has been made.

The rules do not apply to agreements for amounts of less than €50. You may not spread a product over several agreements with a view to avoiding the obligations of the rules.

Please note: You must have a street trader’s licence from your municipality to sell door-to-door.

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