Growing or trading in flower bulbs

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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If you grow, sell, or stock flower bulbs in the Netherlands, you must report your activities to the Flower Bulb Inspection Service (Bloembollenkeuringsdienst, BKD). They inspect the quality of all flower bulb crops in the Netherlands.

  • Sample inspections - samples collected from growers are tested over a period of time on several quality aspects
  • Field inspections - inspectors make a visual assessment of quality aspects carried out in the grower’s fields

What happens during the inspection?

As a grower you must register your fields and lots with BKD. You have to do so in specific periods (in Dutch). The flower bulbs are registered during inspection. The BKD inspector checks the crop on the field, and a flower bulb sample is tested in the laboratory for viruses, bacteria, and nematodes. The BKD also inspects the harvested flower bulbs in some species, (droge keuring, in Dutch).

Import and export inspection

Do you trade in flower bulbs? You must register with BKD. You must report that you are a trader and what products you trade outside of the EU. Do you export or import flower bulbs to or from non-EU countries? You must meet the phytosanitary requirements of the receiving country. You must have all products inspected before shipping to a 3rd country.

When you import flower bulbs, inspection is also required. The BKD carries out these inspections as well.