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Do you own a building in the Netherlands? And do you want to convert your property into a number of flats, which you can then let individually? Or do you want to merge several adjacent flats into one property? You need several permits to divide or merge living spaces. The rules differ per municipality.

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Property division

Do you wish to divide your house or building into several apartments and let or sell them? Ask your municipality if you are allowed to divide the property into several apartments. Check whether you need the following permits:

  • An environment and planning permit (omgevingsvergunning). Go to the online service counter Omgevingsloket (in Dutch) to check if you need an environment and planning permit . In the Omgevingsloket you can see which rules apply in your municipality, province, or regional water authority. You can then apply directly.
  • A property division permit (splitsingsvergunning) from the municipality.
  • A permit to create living space (vergunning tot woningvorming). This permit is required in some municipalities. You apply to the municipality.
  • A landlord permit (verhuurvergunning). If you plan to let the living spaces, you may need this permit. It depends on your municipality. You apply to the municipality.

The conditions for the permits are laid down in the local Housing By-law (Huisvestingsverordening). Go to your municipality’s website to see what they are.

Deed of division and division plan

Did you get a division permit from the municipal authorities? And do you wish to sell the apartments separately? You need to register the apartment division with the civil-law notary. The civil-law notary will draw up the division deed using the division permit. The civil-law notary will then register the deed of division and the division plan with the Dutch Land Registry Office (Kadaster).

Property merger

Do you want to merge several homes into 1 home? For example, an upper and a lower apartment? This means that you withdraw a living space from the total number of living spaces in your municipality. You will need a withdrawal permit (onttrekkingsvergunning) or a property merger permit (samenvoegingsvergunning) from your municipality.

Often, you also need an environment and planning permit for building (omgevingsvergunning voor bouwen) if you plan to merge living spaces. You apply for this permit via the online service counter Omgevingsloket (in Dutch). There, you can also check whether your plans fit in with the municipal environment plan (omgevingsplan). And whether or not you need to apply for an environment and planning permit. If you do, you can apply directly.

Register the property merger

Did your municipality grant you a property merger? You must register the merger with the civil-law notary. The civil-law notary will register the merger with the Dutch Land Registry Office (Kadaster).

Online application procedure via Message Box

You can apply for a property merger or division permit to the municipality online via Message Box. Message Box has not yet been linked to the Omgevingsloket. This means that you cannot apply for the environment and planning permit via Message. Message Box is a secure email system that enables you as an entrepreneur to exchange digital messages with Dutch government agencies.

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