Protection of regional products

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Do you produce or process a regional product? You can apply for European protection against copying or misuse. With this protection you can protect your product from vendors who wrongfully sell the same type of product, under the same product name, or by stating it is made in the same manner.

What is a regional product?

Regional products are special agricultural products or food products that belong to a certain region. Regional products have unique flavours, traditions, or craft processes. Examples of Dutch regional products are:

  • Westlandse Druif and Gouda Holland (from a specific region)
  • Basterd sugar and suikerstroop (made in a traditional way)
  • Jenever (a spirit drink distilled in a specific region)

How can you protect a regional product?

You can protect your regional product in the EU with:

With one of these EU protections, you can protect your product against counterfeiting throughout the EU. Your product will have an EU symbol which shows that your product is traditional and authentic. The protection also ensures that your product cannot be claimed as a trademark.

Apply for protection for a regional product

You can apply for protection for most agricultural products, food and spirits. You apply alone or together with other producers for registration (in Dutch) with the Advisory Committee of RVO. To do so, you must make a product specification containing information on the production method, product composition, and geographical origin of your product.

If you want to apply for a PDO or PGI, you must also make a Sole document (Summary of the product specification).

If your application and product specifications meet the requirements, the European Commission will register your product in the eAmbrosia register. Your product is then protected in the EU.

Please note: the application for European protection can take 2 to 3 years.

You produce a regional product that is already registered

Is the product that you produce already registered and protected? Then you can request to join the already existing product dossier of this registered protection. You can find the product dossiers in the eAmbrosia register. After approval, you may market your product if you fall within the geographical area and your product meets specifications listed in the product dossier.

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