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Second-hand dealer register

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency

In the Netherlands, traders in second-hand or unregulated goods, platinum, gold, silver, jewels, clocks, objects of art, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, mobile phones, photographic, filming, radio, audio and video equipment and equipment for automatic registration, are legally obliged to keep a second-hand dealer register (opkopersregister). This also applies when they operate their business strictly online. The register must be set up according to the regulations of the municipality where they are established. With a register you may prevent the handling of stolen goods.

Keeping the register up to date

You should, for example, specify the following in the second-hand dealer register:

  • A description of the goods.
  • Date obtained.
  • Purchase price.
  • Seller's details.

This requirement originates from the Dutch Penal Code (Wetboek van Strafrecht). Municipalities may set additional rules in their general municipal by-laws. You can request a second-hand dealer register at some municipalities.

Compulsory identification in copper trading

Copper and copper alloy trading is subject to compulsory identification. As a second-hand dealer, you must ask your customer to show a valid ID. If you offer copper, copper cables or copper alloys and you want to be paid in cash, you must show a valid ID.

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This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency