Transport escorts and traffic controllers

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Transport escorts and traffic controllers regulate traffic and ensure the safety of road users. In the Netherlands, they must comply with the Traffic Controllers Regulations 2009 (Regeling verkeersregelaars 2009). These regulations set requirements on training, appointment, examination, and equipment.

Training and registration

Professional traffic controllers and transport escorts (for exceptional transport), must have a traffic control registration pass (aanstellingspas, in Dutch). To obtain this pass, they must follow a training and take an exam. You can find more information on the exam procedure on the website of the Netherlands foundation for traffic controllers (Stichting Verkeersregelaars Nederland, SVNL, in Dutch).

As an employer you can apply for the traffic control registration pass (in Dutch by default, click on the flag for English) after your employee has passed the exam. Traffic controllers and transport escorts must carry a traffic control registration pass when directing traffic. The traffic control registration pass is valid for 5 years.

Transport escort

It depends on the dimensions of the load if an exceptional transport escort is required. It depends on the category of the transport if this obligation applies to the transporter. In addition, the road manager (in Dutch) may sometimes require a customised escort. For more information, please contact the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW).

Foreign transport escort

In the Netherlands, transport escort is a regulated profession. Is a foreign transport escort (from an EU country) going to work for you? Then the transport escort must apply for recognition of his professional qualifications from a recognised authority. In the Netherlands you can contact SVNL for recognition of your transport escorts’ professional qualifications.

Clothing regulations

Professional traffic controllers must wear a jacket, vest, or shirt of a certain colour, with fluorescent and reflective material while working. The requirements for the equipment of the traffic controller are listed in Annex 2 of the Traffic Controllers Regulation 2009 (in Dutch).

Regulations for the escort car

The escort car must have specific colours, markings, and lights. The requirements are listed in appendix 3 Part A of the Traffic Controllers Regulation 2009 (in Dutch). Aids in the car, such as a communication system, a fire extinguisher, and cordon tape are mandatory. Appendix 3 Part B of the Traffic Controllers Regulation 2009 (in Dutch) lists which aids are required.

Traffic controllers for events

An event traffic controller is only allowed to do simple tasks. For example, directing traffic at a crossing or car park. An event traffic controller does not need a traffic control registration pass, but must have a valid appointment from the municipality.

Online application procedure via Message Box

You can also submit an online application via Message Box to be appointed as a transport escort or traffic controller. Message Box is a secure email system that enables you as an entrepreneur to exchange digital messages with Dutch government agencies.

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