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Tips for setting up your startup

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Netherlands Chamber of Commerce

You want to start a business, and you have an innovative idea. If your business idea meets the criteria for a startup, you stand a greater chance of securing support and financing. So how does it work? What is a startup, and which routes are available?

What is a startup?

A startup is not just any starting business. To give a short definition: a startup is a business that translates an innovative idea into a scaleable and generic product or service, using new technology. Scaleable and generic means that the product or service is developed and produced once, and can be sold over and over again. Not customising your product or service for each new client makes your product or service cheaper and easier.

Do I have to be on my own?

You can found the startup on your own, or you can enlist the help of one or more co-founders. Depending on how you choose to go forward, you will have to choose a legal form of business.

I need help

Starting any business is a daunting prospect. You will do well to ask advice from more experienced partners. There are several local and regional organisations that offer mentoring and coaching, and nationally, StartupDelta is the go-to partner for startup support. If you come from outside the EU, you can benefit from the Orange Carpet treatment and the startup visa.

Another option open to you is finding an existing company to co-found your startup. For instance, if you want to develop a product but lack the equipment to do so, you can try to team up with a company that does have the equipment.

I need money

Funding is an important issue for starting and growing businesses. For startups, there are several government funding options that you could try to apply for. Check out the Startup Box to find out which option suits you best.

You can also try to interest banks in giving you a loan, or investors to invest in your product or service in exchange for a share in your business - this is called equity. Business angels may be willing to fund your ideas; or you could set up a crowdfunding project.

Be creative, and approach your investors in time, pitching a well-thought-out business and financial plan.

There are also networking and financing events that you can attend. One of the major ones is the Amsterdam Capital WeekExternal link, which in 2018 takes place from 24-28 September on several locations in and around Amsterdam.

Any further questions?

Please contact the Startup Information Desk

+31 88 585 2222

This information is provided by

Netherlands Chamber of Commerce