Benefits and insurances for self-employed professionals

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As a self-employed professional in the Netherlands, you are entitled to the basic pension AOW. And there are other benefits you may be eligible for. Find out what they are.

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As a freelancer/self-employed professional based in the Netherlands, you are entitled to the state basic pension, the AOW. This is usually not enough to live on. You are responsible for supplementing this pension yourself. You are also responsible for taking out several insurances, for example against disability.

There are benefits you may be eligible for. For example, parental/childbirth allowances, compensation, or benefits while starting your business.


Freelance/Self-Employed Persons (Provision of Assistance) Decree (BBZ)

This is a benefit for freelancers/self employed professionals on a low income.

Older and Partially Disabled (Formerly Freelance/Self-Employed) Persons Income Support (IOAZ)

As an older freelancer/self-employed professional, you can rely on this scheme when you are forced to end your company.

Prenatal and childbirth allowance for freelancers/self-employed people

As a female freelancer/self-employed professional, you are entitled to an allowance in the Netherlands during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Childcare benefit for freelancers/self-employed professionals

If your child is attending a childcare facility, you may receive childcare benefits for the hours you spend on your business. In order to start your own company on the basis of a benefit there are various options. The Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) can provide further assistance in this respect.

Starting your own company while receiving occupational disability benefit

When you have a long-term disability, you can get assistance to start your own company.

Starting your own company while receiving unemployment benefit (WW)

You can start a company while retaining your unemployment benefit.


Insurances for freelancers/self-employed professionals

You can take out voluntary insurance with the UWV, so that if you become ill or unfit for work, you will receive sickness or occupational disability benefit. You can also take out voluntary insurance against a number of other business risks privately, for example liability insurance.

Employee insurance schemes and national insurance

As a freelancer/self-employed professional you cannot claim employees’ insurances. However, you can claim national insurances (such as the General Old Age Pensions Act (AOW).

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