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Subsidy for cyber resilient businesses (MCZ)

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Do you want to increase your company's digital security (cyber resilience)? Do you have a small business or are you self-employed? You can apply for the My Cyber Resilient Business (Mijn Cyberweerbare Zaak, MCZ) subsidy.

The MCZ subsidy helps you purchase products or services, such as security software or training courses, to help improve your protection against threats such as cyberattacks.

When do you qualify for the MCZ?

As an entrepreneur you are eligible for this subsidy if:

  • you are registered with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KVK)
  • your have a maximum of 50 employees and your turnover in the previous financial year did not exceed €10 million

You must use the subsidy to purchase one of the approved cybersecurity measures (in Dutch). You apply before you purchase the cybersecurity measure. You cannot use the subsidy for investments you already made.

View all conditions for the MCZ (in Dutch) at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland, RVO).

How to apply for the MCZ?

Complete the CyberSafety Check (in Dutch) to find out which security measures fit your business. Then request quotes for these measures with suitable suppliers. With the result of the CyberSafety Check and these quotes, you could apply for the MCZ subsidy (in Dutch) until 1 November 2023 to RVO.

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