Curfew, employer's declaration and your company

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Up to and including 15 March, a curfew ('avondklok') remains in place in the Netherlands to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Read what the consequences of the curfew are for your company, and which exceptions apply.

Curfew remains in place

The curfew remains in place until further notice. Follow the latest developments on the website.

No-one in the Netherlands is allowed to be out on the streets between 21:00 and 04:30 hours without a valid reason. The government hopes this curfew, or avondklok as it is called in Dutch, will help to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The curfew will remain in place until at the earliest Monday 15 March. There are exceptions for some professions.

Exceptions for work

In some cases, you or your employees are allowed to go out during the curfew. Exceptions for work are:
  • Employees in vital professions, going to or coming from work;
  • Employees performing essential work, for instance road maintenance;
  • Parcel deliveries;
  • Food deliveries.
You will find the complete list of exceptions on

Employer’s declaration for curfew hours

You decide whether or not certain work has to be done during curfew hours. If you decide it is necessary for an employee to work, you must provide them with an employer’s declaration signed by you. You can find the model employer's declaration form (in English) on You are only allowed to use this form. You cannot produce one yourself. If an employee is asked to produce the employer’s declaration, they may show a paper copy or a digital one.

Employer’s declaration and self declaration

You and your employees also need a ‘Eigen verklaring avondklok' (self declaration, available in English via this link) during curfew, besides the employer’s declaration. The self-declaration is available in several languages.

Employer’s declaration for zzp’ers

Do you have to perform demonstrably necessary work as a self-employed professional (zzp’er)? Then you are allowed to sign the employer’s declaration yourself.

Fine for breaking curfew

If you are out on the streets during curfew hours without a valid reason or the required declaration(s), you risk a fine of €95.


Essential shops, for instance food stores, have to close at 20:45 hours at the latest.

Non-essential shops may stay open until 20:00 hours for appointments with customers.

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This information is provided by

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