Repaying the Corona bridging loan (COL)

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Did you take out a Corona bridging loan (COL) with a regional development agency (Regionale Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij, ROM)? You will have to repay this loan. The Corona bridging loan (COL) is meant for start-ups, scale-ups an innovative SMEs that need financing as a result of the corona crisis. How much and when you need to repay, depends on the amount of the loan.

How much do you need to repay?

You must repay the entire loan plus interest. For all loans the interest is set at 3%. For loans exceeding €500,000 a premium of 2% per year is added.

When do you repay?

When you have to start repayments depends on your loan.

  • Loans of up to €500,000 have a duration of 3 years. The first year is a grace period. You do build up interest over this year. After the first year you start repaying the loan. You do this each quarter for 2 years, including the interest payments. The amount is the same each quarter (linear repayment). You may repay at once without penalty.
  • Repayment for loans of €500,00 and up start after 3 years. Or at the time the mandatory co-funders convert their part of the loan (25%) to shares. This is called conversion (conversie). You may pay back without penalty if you do so in amounts of at least €50,000.

You can find more information the COL, repayment, and interest (in Dutch) on the website of the regional development agencies (ROMs).

Whom do you repay?

You repay your loan to the ROM of your province. The ROMs execute the COL on behalf of the government.


For more information and questions, you can contact the ROM in your region.